Sunday, April 30, 2006

Novell and Clemson

This week's Novell Open Audio Show is really good. Not only is there a really good debunking of the sandal and pony tail set comment, there's some good news on the new Novell Client for Linux. Because Clemson University is a large Novell install this is a big deal for Linux users on campus.

The university is making some good strides in the use of Open Source. The web servers have been running RH for years, but this past summer they employed the newly elected president of CLUG to develop a Ubuntu dual boot disk image for install on the mandated freshman laptops.

A belated congratulations to all of the new officers, especially Barend (He's succeeding me).

Monday, April 03, 2006

Seahorse Update

Seahorse has recently aquired new Tangofied icons, including a new main icon. Here they are:

Encryption Key Manager

Key Type Icons

Encryption Applet

Clipboard Contents Icons

The ability to add any GDK supported image format as a Photo ID on a OpenPGP key has landed, as well as, autoresizing Photo IDs that are too large. Checkout Seahorse HEAD for all the latest goodies!