Sunday, October 01, 2006

Food Science

Yesterday and today have been spent in the kitchen.

Yesterday I finally brewed up a batch of Raspberry Hefeweizen that I've been meaning to. The partial boil went swimmingly and the yeast started actually started this time, but fermentation was a bit slow to start. I can only assume I didn't get the temperature of the wort down to 70 degrees Fahrenheit quickly enough. The airlock was cheerfully bubbling away this morning though and the out gas smells good, so I'm hopeful for a good batch of beer in the end. I'll get around to posting pictures of my kegerator for homebrew at some point.

Today I decided to try my hand at pasta; specifically ravioli. So far the pasta and the filling are made (so far so good). I was going to serve them for dinner tonight, but a roommate asked me to switch dinner nights with him so they're on the menu for tomorrow night. I'll probably finish making the ravioli sometime this afternoon.

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Chris Kelso said...

Slow ferment starts have nothing to do with length of your cold break. Better suspects are under pitching, pitching temperature or lacking nutrients.

How are you handling cooling? Cold water bath? If so I highly recommend an immersion chiller which takes you from a 45 min cool down to 15 min. Or if you want to skip that intermediate step and move to immediate gratification, a counter flow chiller takes no longer then the length of pumping it from your boil vessel to your fermenter.