Friday, January 12, 2007

Google RFE

If anyone at Google is bored and needs ideas for their 20% time, look no further!

  • Add the ability to poll confirmed guests to events in Google Calendar. This would be useful when ordering sandwiches or other food items for meetings or deciding where to go out to lunch.
  • In the interest of indexing and making all information available, Google could run an OpenPGP key server that synchronizes with the key server network. When searching for a name with the main search app, a key could be returned as a search result. In GMail, signatures of messages could be verified and a UI element could be presented to the user.
  • Add Google Checkout to Google Apps for Domains. This would allow groups to sell merchandise, collect money for events and trips and accept donations. Perhaps in the interest of not being evil have reduced or no fees for confirmed non-profit organizations as long as they use Google Words on their Google Pages site.
Those are a few of the ideas I have at the moment, but rest assured if I see any of them implemented I'll post more. :)


jtickle said...

I'd like to see a "Print Conversation" button on Google Groups... I actually needed to do that a few days ago and was utterly shocked to discover that I couldn't find one anywhere. I mean, you can just print the whole page, but it isn't formatted very nicely like gmail's "Print Conversation" is.

F2 said...

I would like to see NOTES on the calendar. Sometimes you want to mark "deadline for the Ottawa Linux Symposium", but that is not an appointment, an event that carries a time footprint ;-)

Adam said...

f2, I maintain a personal academic calendar for my university and mark deadlines as all day events.

Quim said...

Amazing! Precisely yesterday night I was also thinking that GMail could be a good instrument to bring GPG to the masses (and a stronger privacy to GMail).