Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Behold the power of GNOME!

I'm a little bit behind on my /. reading, but today I noticed an article published Monday about the FireGPG extension for Firefox.

You may be thinking, "This news sounds familiar" and you'd be right sort of. That's right, if you've been using Epiphany and Seahorse, this functionality has been available since September in development versions. That's a good 6 months before a similar extension was available for FF. Behold the power of GNOME!

I wonder if they have a similar problem with GMail inserting <cr> or <lf> into text they want to verify?

Also for the keen observer, check out the FireGPG icon they included in the URL bar: Yep, that's the icon Seahorse provides for use in the GNOME menus and as our window icon. Hooray reuse! I wonder if they could use our DBus API if it's available?

Also, currently we don't have icons for the context menu items in our extension (I'm not sure FireGPG's are the most appropriate for this) but if anyone has icon ideas or better yet icons ;) you know where to put them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but Firefox you can really use, Epiphany is not a real browser. Epiphany still lacks actually usable adblock, and some plugins (multimedia etc) dislike it.

Holger said...

Nobody expects the firefox inquisition!

I spare you the comfy chair, because I like the seahorse plugin for my favorite browser so much. Thanks. :)

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

I'm trying hard to switch to Epiphany, it keeps crashing when I try to use the Seahorse extension :(

I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, anyone else with this problem?

Adam said...

Depending which version of seahorse you're using and what you mean by "try to use the Seahorse extension". There may be a fix if you're selecting encrypt, sign, etc from the context menu not in a text field. There isn't a 1.0.2 release, but there's a fix in both the stable and development branches.