Thursday, July 05, 2007

Research Update

Sadly, there hasn't been much coding of late. I'm no longer blocking on my professor and am working at full speed to get ready for URSI USNC in Ottawa at the end of the month. After struggling with derivatives of Legendre functions, I managed to blitz through a good bit of analysis this afternoon. Hooray! This made up the bulk of the work for one of three papers my prof and I are presenting. The shop has finished 2 out of the 3 prolate spheroids I needed to make measurements and hopefully I will receive the third tomorrow. Making my calibration measurements went well, but I did have to cannibalize a dry cleaning clothes hanger to make a Teflon plug puller. It turns out that no matter how slick you think Teflon is if you have enough surface area friction matters.

List of things to complete in time for the Conference:
  • Prolate Spheroidal Monopole Measurements
  • Comparison of calculated input admittance to measured
  • Rayleigh Series Quasi-static Analysis and comparison to measurements
  • Elliptic channel with PEC cylinder code
  • Elliptic channel figures
It is quite the list but finishing the first three items will satisfy all of the non-writing work needed to finish my masters. Let us all hope I survive to make it to Ottawa!

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Hubert said...

When you make it to Ottawa, drop a me a mail.... I'm sure we can arrange a beer BOF or something.

-- Hub