Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just got back from spending some time listening to Congressmen Berry and Clyburn, house majority whip, stump for Obama and Jane Dyer, candidate for the Third Congressional District which includes Clemson. I managed to ask the first question after they were speaking which was:

"Senator Obama and the DNC have made a historic move against the corrupting influence of money by refusing to take donations from PAC's and lobbyists, will you all stand with them in your own campaigns and push for the DCCC to do so as well?"

Congressman Clyburn fielded it, saying that he would not agree to unilateral disarmament and reminded everyone that the Supreme Court already ruled against a law that banned money from those groups indicating that money == speech. Congressman Berry made a similar point and said he wished the law had stuck.

Afterward, I handed Congressman Berry, one of Congressman Clyburn's aides and Miss Dyer links to Change Congress and encouraged them to fill out where they stand.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, please remember to vote next Tuesday!

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Maxo said...

What a shitty argument. "It's legal, so therefore it's okay to do." Some people can't discern between what is legal and what is moral.