Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More tortoise than hare

Slowly but surely I'm making progress on Seahorse's Gaim plugin. At the moment it loads and has working preferences. I fixed a memory corruption bug on loading and unloading the plugin multiple times. It seems the plugin_destroy method was getting called instead of the plugin_unload method so a private structure wasn't being cleaned up properly. Crisis averted.

I'll move on to adding the necessary UI to the conversation window next. This might get delayed because instead of holding my prof's hand through MATLAB for our third paper at the upcoming APS/URSI International Symposium I'll be doing the interfacing from MATLAB to FORTRAN and back myself. <deity> bless reusable code.

1 comment:

jag said...

I've not looked at your implementation, but I do strongly hope that it is using the PGP keys to negotiate a session key and not using the PGP keys themselves to encrypt instant messages. Personally, I don't want the strength of my PGP key diluted by the presence of thousands of small bits of cypher text (e.g. "lol", "wtf", "omg").

Cheers for writing it though -- it will be a wonderful cross-product bridge.