Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm finally getting around to implementing the fabled Seahorse plugin for Gaim. Things have moved far enough along that Seahorse now has an easy to use DBUS interface for handling keys(OpenPGP and SSH) and crypto operations as well as a separate library for providing consistant UI (libcryptui) across multiple applications that I can start without pulling our internal library (libseahorse) into the fray.

A year ago I touched base with Alan Humpherys of the Fire project to make sure that our implementations would be compatible. He provided this handy dandy reference via the way back machine. At the moment, very little is complete except for the build magic and plugin bits required by Gaim. I have chronicled my thoughts so far on l.g.o. I hope to make some progress between now and the second week of July when I will be attending the APS/URSI/AMEREM International Symposium.

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