Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Omelet in a Mug

I got home from morning practice and wanted a fully cooked breakfast without the fully cooked hassle. I decided, drawing inspiration from Lunch in a Box, to try cooking eggs in a coffee mug.

I started with two eggs and scrambled them in situ. Then I added a handful of frozen cubed potatoes, some minced sharp cheddar cheese, a spoonful of salsa and stirred. I nuked it all for 2 minutes on high and voila, Omelet in a Mug.

*WARNING* Watch your mug carefully during the last 30s so that the cheese doesn't boil over the top of your mug.


wes said...

That's probably the best idea I've ever heard. I'm going to have to try that out. How did it taste?

Adam said...

It tasted just as if I had done it in a skillet, but the texture was a bit different. I think I would describe it as fluffier. I imagine that's because it boiled instead of simmered.

Richard said...

I just tried it. We didn't have salsa and I sort of wish we did. We used chopped onion and garlic as well, though. It's good.

With two cups in, we had to microwave it for 3.5 minutes before the eggs was cooked all the way through.