Sunday, April 13, 2008


I spent my off weekend from crew related activities to learn how to ride a motorcycle. It's been on my todo list for a almost a year, but the timing was always off. I decided to take the Beginning Motorcycle class offered by SC Rider Ed at Greenville Tech, one of the local community colleges.

The course consisted of 3 sessions on Fri, Sat and Sun and was taught by Eric Diehl. There was some classroom work on Friday night followed by riding practice on Sat and Sunday. The class provided motorcycles in the form of Honda Rebels.

I would recommend taking a safety class from the American Motorcyclist Association to anyone looking to start riding. There's so much info to cover, a friend or relative might leave something out. Before this weekend, I had never ridden a motorcycle or operated a manual vehicle and I was able to have fun and succeed at the exercises practiced. Eric did a great job of emphasizing the fundamentals and I now feel confident I want to get a bike.

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Leo S said...

I would recommend a book called Proficient Motorcycling. It is an excellent book talking about how to ride safely, and gives lots of interesting statistics on accidents. Well worth a read.