Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mucho Goodness

Monday was the first day on the water. 2x20 min pieces with novice coxswains for all of the varsity crews. It worked out pretty well. Our first morning practice of the semester was Tuesday. Unfortunately the lake was horribly fogged in. We did 1 min on 30 s off x 10. I was very happy with how that went for me and the other lightweights. Today is a recovery day.

I attended the Clemson Career Fair today. I talked to BAE Systems, MIT Lincoln Labs, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Divison, and Harris Corporation. The first three went really well. The rep from Harris offered me an interview for tomorrow, but it doesn't sound like their corporate goals match up with mine. They didn't seem to be interested in talking now about interning later at all. The guy from LL is giving my resume to their summer jobs coordinator. I need to check out more positions at NSWC-DD and BAE. I'm still hoping Dr. Butler comes through with money for the summer.

Yesterday, I got in touch with about the status of the pint glasses. They said there were flaws with the first batch and the new estimated ship date is this Thursday.

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