Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Of Dongles, Tapers, and Seahorses

Today's been interesting. After classes and lunch I spent the day at the EIB. While I was waiting for Mike to finish working on his code, I checked the status of the USB dongle for my phone and the pint glasses. The dongle has shipped! From Greenville no less. The glasses are still in limbo.

In Seahorse related news, I've been working on making photo id's work. I've figured out how to do it, now to just sit down and do it. src/seahorse-key-ops.c

Taper #1 was a bust! We tried turning the entire 6" taper all at once. Big Mistake. After we had turned the first 5 segments of the taper, the taper began to deform while we were working on the 6th. That taper now has a lovely oscillation down the side of it. We decided to change how we made taper #2. This time we measured and scored the brass rod we're using, and then fed a little at a time out of the chock of the lathe. This method seems to be working well, although at present we have no way of tapping the center of the small end.

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