Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oarsman Brewing Company

The latest batch of beer from the Oarsman Brewing Company has successfully been bottled! It's a strong dark Brown Ale that tastes pretty good. Start the three week count down till the big sampling.

As a side note, even with drinking two bottles yesterday, I was a bottle short of 48 today. I really need to get my empties back from people I gifted beer to.

This is the first batch I've made solo from start to finish. After bottling by myself, I'm looking forward to kegging. Too bad I'll have to move off campus before I can build a kegerator with Cornelius style kegs.

This guy's is really cool. I like his quick disconnect modifications to the standard kegerator design. The hose barbs on most sites look like they would be a real pain in the patoot.

If you want to be my brother's Valentine go here. He has a really nice set of parting gifts for the winner.

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